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Responding to PMW bulletin, mayor of Ma’alot condemns the PA

Shlomo Bohbot  |

On June 19, 2017, PMW exposed that the PA had named a public square and a monument after terrorist Khaled Nazzal, the mastermind of hte 1974 Ma'alot Massacre, in which 22 children were killed (See PMW's bulletin "PA names square after mastermind of massacre of 22 children and 4 adults"). Following the publication of PMW's bulletin, Shlomo Bohbot
, the Mayor of the Israeli town of Ma'alot in which the terror attack took place, sent a letter to PA Chairman Abbas expressing his "deep shock"over the naming of the square and demanded that the monument be removed. The following is the translated text of the letter:

(English translation)

June 20, 2017


To: Mr. Mahmoud Abbas
President of the Palestinian Authority

Dear Sir,

Subject: Deep shock over the naming of a square after the murderer of 27 civilians including girls and boys in the city of Ma’alot

I was angered and shocked by the [PMW] report that the Palestinian Authority recently inaugurated a square and monument named after terrorist murderer Khaled Nazzal, who murdered 22 innocent female and male students in cold blood in 1974 in Ma’alot, as they were sleeping in a school during a trip, and another 7 innocent civilians including women and children.
Just around a year ago, I led an Israeli delegation to you with great public courage in order to bring peace and friendship closer. Following the visit, despite great pressures, I stated in all of the leading Israeli media outlets that I was impressed by the sincerity of your intentions and those of the Palestinian Authority to achieve peace, and your opposition to violence and terror.
Unfortunately, the naming of a square after a heinous murderer harms trust, deeply offends sensibilities, and distances the chances for peace. If your intentions are indeed for a true peace and preparing the Israeli public [for it], I turn to you with a request to act to remove the monument.
Best regards,
Shlomo Bohbot
Ma’alot – Tarshiha Mayor