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Chairman of Prisoners’ Club: We never lied to donors about salaries to terrorists; money goes to “legitimate resistance”

Headline: “Qadura Fares: The salaries of the prisoners and Martyrs will not stop”

“Chairman of the [PA-funded] Prisoners’ Club Qadura Fares said that the international pressures to stop the payments of the prisoners and Martyrs (Shahids) are not something new and are the product of ongoing Israeli incitement.
He added: ‘We have always told the truth to the donor countries – that the donors’ money is used for the PA salaries, and we emphasize that the money is also used for political and civilian efforts against the occupation, the settlement, and the resolve against it [the occupation], also including, among other things, our legitimate resistance (‎term here refers to events that include violence against Israeli civilians such as rock-‎throwing, stabbings, and even shootings -Ed.).’
Fares emphasized that the topic of the prisoners and released prisoners’ salaries (rawatib) is an essential and ideological issue that touches the core of our life as a Palestinian people, and it is part of the direct contradiction between the Israeli occupation’s narrative and our narrative. He also noted that there is no [need for] concern regarding the issue of the salaries.
He continued: ‘No one in the PLO leadership can renounce this basic principle under any circumstances, because there is a clear and open consensus about not stopping the salaries, and therefore I am not concerned at all.’”