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Fatah broadcasts graphic images of Hamas torture, Hamas resistance reckless, benefits Israel

On the second anniversary of the Hamas military takeover of Gaza, PA (Fatah) TV broadcast a public Fatah event held in the presence of senior Fatah leaders, which focused on intense vilification of Hamas. This included the showing of a graphic video of Hamas members brutally beating a Fatah member in Gaza. The screams of the victim can be heard in the video, along with others calling "Allahu Akbar" (Allah is Great). The Fatah moderator introduced the video with the following words: "Hamas's name is written on every arm and leg which was crushed by their [Hamas's] acts of terror."

Narrator (speaking on behalf of Fatah): "The resistance [referring to Hamas] – why is it accumulating uniforms of the national security forces in Qalqilya? Did the members of the resistance hide in the national security uniforms to carry out an operation [terror attack] in Tel Aviv or in the Muqata'a [presidential quarters in Ramallah]? Your media, and the media that belong to you and support you, ignored the fact that the security forces, whom you attacked in Qalqilya, are the same security forces that carried out exchanges of fire with the [Israeli] undercover forces in Qalqilya a week before your attack. The undercover [Israeli soldiers] injured two; you killed four. Congratulations to you, Israel, since Hamas appeared to [help] you."


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