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PA daily: Hamas lied by accusing PA of denying hospital referrals to terminally ill Gazans

Headline: "Documents expose that Hamas lied regarding the medical referrals"
"Activists and journalists yesterday [June 28, 2017] exposed on social media the lie and deceit of the de-facto Hamas regime in the Gaza Strip in the matter of the medical referrals and the ill that died due to their inability to reach the hospitals in the West Bank.
Activists published names and documents proving that Hamas is dealing in the suffering of the sick people in Gaza, and that everyone whose death was declared due to what the de-facto regime called 'a prevention of referrals from outside [the Gaza Strip] by the PA’ had received [hospitalization] dates from the hospitals. This is while the others died as a result of sudden illnesses without any referral being submitted for them to the department of external treatment [in Gaza]."