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Through Aid to Palestine, Sweden Obstructs Peace Process

Helena Engelbrecht  |
Itamar Marcus of Palestinian Media Watch arrived in Sweden to present the organization's findings concerning the question of how the Palestinian government depicts Israel in its media and the fact that it glorifies terror and death.

The organization wants to turn to countries which, like Sweden, are major donors to Palestine and to show that the funds are used for purposes which obstruct the peace process. Agneta Berliner, Member of Parliament (Liberal Party) for Västmanland and a member of the board of the Sweden-Israel Friendship Association in Parliament, who arranged the seminar with Itamar Marcus from PMW, comments:

"We must demand the cessation of propaganda which demonizes Jews, speaks of destruction of Israel, and glorifies terrorists in schoolbooks, TV, children's quizzes, crosswords, summer camps, sports tournaments and more, which are financed by the Palestinian Authority. Sweden gives substantial sums to the Palestinian Authority every year. Earmarking the money presents a real possibility for us to affect the development in a peaceful direction," says Agneta Berliner.
"Indoctrination to hatred and longing for death as values are a destructive poison. That is not the way to create a good society. The things that Palestinians teach their children will determine future development," Agneta Berliner concludes.