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PA official’s false claim: Israel “legitimizes” Jewish terror, pays salaries to Israelis convicted of terror acts

Headline: “The perpetrator of the Oyoun Kara massacre receives 11,000 shekels a month from the occupation government”

As a justification for their glorification of terror, Palestinian leaders often falsely claim that Israel honors Jews who murder Palestinians – Ed.

“Director of [PLO] Commission of Prisoners and Released Prisoners’ Affairs Issa Karake said that the occupation government pays regular monthly salaries (rawatib) to Israeli prisoners and criminals who committed massacres and acts of killing against Palestinian citizens (sic., Israel does not pay Israeli prisoners, see note below –Ed.). This is in addition to supplying social aid to their families and legal follow-up for them. Karake said that the government of Israel pays a regular monthly salary to Israeli murderer terrorist Ami Popper , who committed a bloody massacre against 7 Palestinian workers on May 20, 1990, in the area of Oyoun Kara, which is called ‘Rishon LeZion,’ next to Tel Aviv. All of the worker Martyrs (Shahids) were from the Gaza Strip, and they were executed by criminal Ami Popper while they were waiting for the arrival of their Israeli employers. Popper was wearing an Israeli army uniform when he shot them.
Popper receives 11,000 [Israeli] shekels a month from the Israeli government; he was given a life sentence that was reduced afterwards, and he will be released next month [August 2017] (sic., Popper’s sentence, which was reduced to 40 years, will not end until 2030 ). He is living a life of luxury in prison, and he has married and had children [while] in prison. Likewise, he has also been allowed to visit his home a number of times.
Karake said that the occupation government is funding the Jewish terrorists and the extremist organizations in terms of financial, social, and legal [aid] through associations that have received licensing from the Israeli government, such as the Honenu [legal aid] association, the Yad Yamin association, and others (sic., Honenu has non-profit status meaning donations are tax deductible, but it does not receive state funding; Yad Yamin is a charity non-profit). Karake’s statements came in response to the crazy Israeli attack against the allowances (mukhassasat) of the Palestinian prisoners and Martyrs on the pretext [that they are] ‘terror funding.’ He explained that the government of Israel is the largest funder of official terror in the Middle East region. [Israel] also gives legal and social coverage to the Jewish terrorists and defends and protects them, in addition to considering their acts of terror legitimate.
Karake emphasized our people and its leadership’s refusal of all of the attempts to define the Palestinian people’s struggle as terror and a crime. He explained that our people’s struggle is a legitimate struggle against the occupation and for self-determination, which is anchored in the UN decisions and international and humanitarian laws.”

Palestinian claim that Israel pays Israeli prisoners:
Contrary to the Palestinian claims, Israel does not make any payments to Israeli prisoners. Israel’s Social Security Law states specifically that, notwithstanding any entitlement, benefits due to a person held in prison will not be paid. In some cases, even child benefits that are paid to the parents of a minor are stopped, if that minor is convicted and sentenced to a prison sentence. Similarly, a person who is entitled to an Insured Income from the State loses that entitlement for any time he is held in prison following a criminal conviction. Furthermore, accepting the Palestinian claim that Israel makes payments to Israeli prisoners would lead to the untenable conclusion that Israel pays a salary even to Israeli Arab prisoners who carried out terrorist attacks against other Israeli citizens.

Ami Popper – an Israeli who shot and murdered 7 Palestinian workers from Gaza and wounded 10 others at a bus stop in Rishon LeZion on May 20, 1990. Popper was given 7 life sentences and an additional 20 years, but his sentence was commuted to 40 years by Israeli President Shimon Peres in 1999.
Despite Palestinian claims to the contrary, the Israeli government does not pay Popper or any other Israeli prisoner. Popper has received legal support from the legal aid organization Honenu; previously his family was among those that received financial support from Honenu before the organization abandoned the practice. Honenu has non-profit status meaning donations are tax deductible, but it does not receive state funding.

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