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PA Education Minister discusses cooperation in the education sector with Norwegian ambassador

Headline: “Saidam discusses ways of strengthening cooperation in the field of education with the Norwegian ambassador”
“[PA] Minister of Education and Higher Education [and Fatah Central Committee Deputy Secretary] Sabri Saidam today, Wednesday [July 5, 2017], discussed ways of strengthening cooperation in all of the relevant fields by supporting the education sector and its development with Norwegian Ambassador to the State of Palestine Hilde Haraldstad… Saidam emphasized the [PA] Ministry [of Education’s] great desire to strengthen the cooperation with Norway, on the basis of the ministry’s philosophy that strives to establish and strengthen ties of cooperation with all of the friendship and sister states in a way that will serve the education system. Ambassador [Haraldstad] expressed willingness for constructive cooperation with the Ministry of Education in a way that will serve the entire education system, and to act effectively alongside the ministry to achieve the necessary educational goals and to support it, so as to contribute to the success of the ongoing steps of development.”