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Murdering 22 children is heroic, says PA TV

Nan Jacques Zilberdik  |

PA TV glorifies Ma'alot massacre terrorists
who murdered 22 children and 4 adults
- "their souls float as Martyrs above the skies of Palestine"
Jenin district names street
after Ma'alot attack planner Khaled Nazzal
in response to Israel's removal
of monument honoring him in Jenin
Nan Jacques Zilberdik

Murdering 22 children and 4 adults is an "act of heroism," if you ask the Palestinian Authority.

Recently the PA has emphasized this message to Palestinians by glorifying the Ma'alot massacre - a terrorist attack in 1974 in which Palestinian terrorists took over a hundred Israeli children and their teachers hostage in a school. When Israeli forces tried to rescue them, the terrorists attacked the hostages with guns and grenades, murdering 22 of the children and 4 adults.

Palestinian Media Watch recently reported on the square in Jenin, which was named after Khaled Nazzal who planned the attack. Israel subsequently removed the monument, after which Abbas' Fatah Movement vowed to rebuild it

In addition to the Khaled Nazzal Square and the monument in Jenin, the Jenin district has now further named a street after terrorist Nazzal in the town of Burqin:

Headline: "In response to the removal of the monument, [the] Jenin [district] names a street after Khaled Nazzal"
"The town of Burqin, which is located southwest of Jenin, yesterday, Wednesday [July 5, 2017], named one of the town's streets after Martyr (Shahid) Khaled Nazzal in response to the occupation authorities' decision to remove and destroy the Martyr Nazzal monument in Jenin."
[Wattan, independent Palestinian news agency, July 6, 2017]

Official PA TV has also joined this campaign of praising the murders in Ma'alot. A TV narrator called it "an act of heroism" when she described how a Palestinian prisoner, whom Israel allegedly had brought in to persuade the terrorists to release the hostages, instead encouraged them to continue the attack and "do what they came for." According to PA TV, the act of dying while murdering 26 Israelis meant that the terrorists' "souls would float as Martyrs above the skies of Palestine."  

PA TV narrator: "Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine (DFLP) Central Committee member Omar Mahmoud Al-Qassem - one of the symbols of the national prisoners' movement, and one of its central founders. During his life, he was an outstanding leader, a ferocious fighter, and a proud prisoner, and in his death he is an eternal Martyr... One of his acts of heroism [was] when an armed DFLP squad carried out the Ma'alot operation in the Galilee (i.e., terror attack, 26 murdered) and took [an Israeli] building and hostages. The [Israeli] prison management summoned Omar Al-Qassem... and asked him to talk with the self-sacrificing fighters so they would turn themselves in and release the hostages... When he turned to his comrades, he said: 'O comrades, I am Omar Al-Qassem. Carry out what you came for. Your enemy is treacherous.' Immediately after his few words, his comrades responded to the call and blew up the military academy (sic., Netiv Meir Elementary School) so that their souls would float as Martyrs above the skies of Palestine."
[Official PA TV, Buy Time in Jerusalem, July 1, 2017]

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