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PA daily calls terrorists who killed Israelis “Martyrs”

Headline: “The occupation approved transferring the body of Martyr Muhannad Abu Safaqa”
      “Martyr (Shahid) [Muhannad] Abu Safaqa (i.e., terrorist, wounded 2), 34, from the city of Tulkarem died as a Martyr (Shahid) on May 23, [2017,] in Netanya, and the occupation has been holding his body since that day, along with the bodies of 10 Martyrs that the occupation is refusing to give to their families, prime among them Martyr Abd Al-Hamid Abu Sorour (i.e., suicide bomber, wounded 21) who has been held since April 2016. It should be noted that two days ago, Wednesday [July 5, 2017], the National Campaign to Return the Martyrs’ Bodies held a protest vigil in the center of Ramallah with the participation of the Martyrs’ families and the Deir Abu Mash’al village council… which emphasized that the repeated raids and summons to interrogation that the Martyrs’ families experience must be stopped. This is particularly so after the occupation army gave demolition orders for the homes of the families of the Deir Abu Mash’al Martyrs (i.e., terrorists Bara Saleh, Adel Ankoush, and Osama Ata, murdered 1) and [the home] of the family of prisoner Malek Hammad (sic., Malek Hamed, terrorist, murdered 1) from the village of Silwad two days ago.”

Muhannad Abu Safaqa – a 45-year-old Palestinian terrorist who stabbed an Israeli border police officer in Netanya on May 23, 2017. The wounded officer shot and killed Abu Safaqa, and an Israeli woman was wounded by shrapnel from the gunfire.

Abd Al-Hamid Abu Sorour – 19-year-old Hamas terrorist who on April 18, 2016, carried out a suicide bombing attack on bus no. 12 in the Talpiot neighborhood in southeast Jerusalem. 21 people were injured in the attack. Abu Sorour died of his injuries a few days later in an Israeli hospital.

Bara Saleh, Adel Ankoush, Osama Ata – three Palestinian terrorists who carried out a terror attack in Jerusalem on June 16, 2017. Two of the terrorists, one armed with an automatic weapon and the other with a knife, attacked Israeli police officers north of the Old City of Jerusalem. Seconds later a third terrorist stabbed and murdered Israeli border policewoman Hadas Malka, 23, at the Old City’s Damascus Gate as she and other officers were responding to the first attack. All three terrorists were shot and killed by the Israeli officers. Aside from Malka, four Israelis were wounded in the attack. ISIS initially claimed responsibility for the attack but Hamas rejected the claim, saying the terrorists were members of Hamas and the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP).

Malek Hamed – a 23-year-old Hamas terrorist who carried out a car ramming attack at Ofra Junction northeast of Ramallah on April 6, 2017, murdering Israeli soldier Elhai Teharlev, 20, and wounding another Israeli soldier. Hamed was arrested and is awaiting sentencing as of July 2017. Two years prior to the attack, Hamed was arrested for trying to infiltrate the Jewish town of Adam in the West Bank northeast of Jerusalem.