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Fatah official in Gaza: “Zionism has infiltrated the entire world, blinded the world, and terrified it”

Official PA TV program Inside, on Israeli efforts to have Palestinian terror described as such, hosting Fatah Leadership Council in Gaza Secretary Ibrahim Abu Naja and National Action Committee Secretary Mahmoud Al-Zaq

Secretary of the Fatah Leadership Council in Gaza Ibrahim Abu Naja: “The entire world knows the truth, but is not able to do anything, because Zionism has infiltrated the entire world, blinded the world, and terrified it. The world is gripped with fear. The world does not love Israel, but it wants to be secure from its strike. [The Israelis] are persecuting [the people of the world] everywhere. I challenge anyone who wants to contradict me: Does Israel not stand behind the explosions taking place everywhere? I issue a challenge, but the world does not want to accept the challenge.”
Official PA TV host: “Who killed Count [Folke] Bernadotte? (i.e., UN Peace Mediator assassinated by the Jewish pre-state militia Lehi in 1948 over his plan calling for large Israeli concessions)”
Ibrahim Abu Naja: “The first and greatest crime against the entire world was the murder of Count Bernadotte.” […]
Host: “Israel said [Secretary of the PLO Executive Committee and Fatah Central Committee member] Dr. [Saeb] Erekat’s statements [about the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine and Hamas not being terror organizations] are proof that the PA supports terror and glorifies terrorists, according to Israel’s claim, despite Israel naming streets, academies, and scientific and cultural institutions after its terrorists, for example [Baruch] Goldstein who committed the massacre at the Ibrahimi Mosque (i.e., Cave of the Patriarchs) (sic., there have been no streets, academies, or institutions named after Goldstein).”

Cave of the Patriarchs massacre - On Feb. 25, 1994, Baruch Goldstein, a member of an Israeli far-right movement, opened fire on Muslims praying inside the Cave of the Patriarchs in Hebron, known to Muslims as the "Ibrahimi Mosque," killing 29 and wounding 125. Following the attack, which was widely condemned by Israeli leaders and Jewish communities abroad, the Israeli government took concrete steps to prevent similar attacks from occurring by dividing the area of worship into Muslim and Jewish sections and designating several extremist movements, including Goldstein’s, as illegal terrorist groups.

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