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PA government cuts salaries of 37 Hamas parliamentarians

Headline: "A Hamas member of parliament confirmed that the salaries of 37 PA parliament members were stopped"
"Member of [PA] Parliament (Legislative Council) Naif Al-Rajoub from the Hamas Movement in the West Bank revealed that the [PA] government has published an official decision to stop the salaries of 37 members of parliament. Al-Rajoub said in a statement to the Hamas website Al-Risalah Net today, Sunday [July 9, 2017], that the [PA] Ministry of Finance in Ramallah 'officially notified us that we will not receive salaries this month, based on a government decision.' Al-Rajoub explained that the decision includes 37 members of parliament in the occupied West Bank, and noted that they have tried to clarify why their salaries were stopped, but did not receive any answer. The member of parliament said that this decision is part of the policy of punishment that [PA] President Mahmoud Abbas and the [PA] government are implementing against the members of parliament from Hamas in the West Bank, and emphasized that this is a violation of the law that must have action taken against it."