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Mother of terrorist prisoner glorifies him on PA TV: “The mother who does not suckle her children on nationality is not a mother”


Official PA TV program
Giants of Endurance, visit to the house of terrorist prisoner Tamer Al-Rimawi's family

Mother of terrorist prisoner Tamer Al-Rimawi: "(She describes her son and the difficult circumstances in which he grew up –Ed.) However, the homeland was dearer than all for him. He turned to a national path and, praise Allah, he fulfilled his national obligation. Tamer did not defend himself or his brothers, but rather defended his homeland, and the homeland [belongs] to all…" […]
Official PA TV host: “My last question before leaving this house - Allah willing we will return to it soon when Tamer is [also] here: Do you regret all of this suffering and all the years of patience inherent in Tamer's imprisonment?"
Mother: "No, I have no regrets as this is his obligation to the homeland. The mother who does not suckle her children on nationality is not a mother. Praise Allah, I have three children, and I have sacrificed all three of them to the homeland )her other two children were imprisoned for short periods –Ed.), praise Allah."

Visual: Screenshot shows the mother of terrorist prisoner Tamer Al-Rimawi:
Text on screen: “Mother of heroic prisoner Tamer Al-Rimawi"

Tamer Al-Rimawi – Palestinian terrorist who shot and murdered American-Israeli Esther Klieman, on March 24, 2002, next to Ateret, northwest of Ramallah. Al-Rimawi is serving 3 life sentences.

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