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PA Daily: Israel a "demon that possesses another body"

Yihya Rabah, daily columnist in official PA newspaper
"The Palestinians left their homeland [during the 1948 war] and did not return… They left, thinking that their absence would not last long… By now it has reached sixty-one years… The State of Israel cannot bear the contradiction, being a country that lives like a demon that takes possession of another body. The State of Israel lives within the Palestinian body, in Palestinian land and Palestinian cities… and despite all the aggression, and despite the whole ugly deception, Israel… looks like a demon that enters a person's body, causing him suffering and depriving him of sleep and torturing him. But it remains… a passing, transient spirit, which dwells in a body in an abnormal manner, and one day it will leave him, as soon as the sick body is restored to physical and spiritual health… All of Palestine, from the [Jordan] river to the [Mediterranean] sea, from Rosh ha-Nikra to Rafiah, is the homeland of the absent Palestinian."