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Abbas expresses pride to UN delegation over Palestinian struggle, claims Israel attempts to “impose new facts on the ground”, endanger the Al-Aqsa Mosque

Headline: "The [PA] president expressed his pride in the members of our people, and particularly in Jerusalem, and warned against the continuation of the Israeli steps"

"[PA] President Mahmoud Abbas held conversations with [leaders in] several capitals and yesterday [July 20, 2017] sent a Palestinian delegation to the capital of Azerbaijan, Baku. This was in order to brief the members of the UN Palestine Committee regarding the rights of the Palestinian people which cannot be renounced, to hold a special and immediate meeting, and to broaden [the scope of] its meetings so that they will include a discussion about the dangerous situation taking place in occupied Jerusalem, and at the Al-Aqsa Mosque in particular, and to act to publish a position according to which all of the steps taken by the Israeli government regarding the Al-Aqsa Mosque must be stopped, the metal detectors (refers to metal detectors placed at the entrances to the Temple Mount following a terror attack there on July 14, 2017, in which 2 Israelis were murdered; see note below –Ed.) must be removed, the historical and legal situation, freedom of worship, and the right of our people and all Muslims throughout the world to exercise their right to hold religious ceremonies freely must be respected, as is anchored in international law.
The president [Abbas] expressed his pride in the members of our people everywhere, and particularly in Jerusalem and its institutions, over their resolve before the occupation’s severe steps. He also expressed appreciation for the steps that Jordan is taking under the leadership of King Abdullah II bin Al-Hussein, his resolve before this severe situation, and his defense of the Al-Aqsa Mosque.
He emphasized the importance of the solidarity of the Arab nation and the Islamic nation and their standing by our Palestinian people in order to defend the sites holy to Islam and Christianity in Jerusalem. In addition, he called on them to continue in their obligation to support the resolve of our people in Jerusalem.
The president warned against contempt for the sentiments of the Palestinians, Arabs, and Muslims throughout the world, the attempt to impose new facts on the ground, and the continuation of these Israeli steps that blatantly violate the decisions of international parties."
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Muhammad Ahmad Muhammad Jabarin, Muhammad Hamed Abd Al-Latif Jabarin, and Muhammad Ahmad Mufaddal Jabarin - Israeli Arab terrorists aged 29, 19, and 19, who shot from the Temple Mount at Israeli policemen, murdering 2 Israeli Druze border policemen - Haiel Stawi and Kamil Shnaan, on July 14, 2017. Two of the terrorists were shot and killed by other policemen during the attack. The third terrorist was shot and killed while trying to flee.

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