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"Peace Partner" boasts of more terrorism than Hamas

Wednesday, July 01, 2009
'Peace partner' boasts of more terrorism than Hamas
U.S.-funded group stages televised play attended by its top officials
Posted: June 30, 2009
12:40 pm Eastern

By Aaron Klein
TEL AVIV – Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas' Fatah organization recently staged a televised play in which the group bragged it is responsible for more terrorism against Israelis than the rival Islamist Hamas organization.
The staged drama, broadcast on official PA television June 17, was attended by top Fatah leaders, including officials who routinely coordinate security with the U.S. and engage in negotiations with Israel.
The performance included a segment in which a classroom of Fatah and Hamas students and teachers debated each other on who was responsible for more "resistance" against Israel, with Fatah ultimately prevailing while criticizing Hamas for failing to launch enough attacks against the Jewish state in recent years.
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A translation, provided by Palestinian Media Watch, reads:
Fatah student taunts Hamas: "Since Hamas seized power, we haven't heard of any Martyrdom operation (suicide-bombing).
Hamas teacher: "It's called 'fighter's rest.'"

Fatah student: "A Hamas fighter needs rest, but a Fatah fighter doesn't need rest?!"

Hamas teacher: "Every fighter has the right to rest."

Fatah student: "Why is it that when Fatah stops fighting, you (Hamas) say they're cowards, but when Hamas stops fighting, you say it's 'fighters' rest'?"

Hamas teacher: "I don't know much about resistance (terror) and fighters. ..."

Fatah student: "The first shot was fired by the PLO; the first Jihad was carried out by the PLO (audience applauds), with all the other factions – but Hamas always opposed.

Hamas student: "What do you say about Hamas having kidnapped the (Israeli) soldier Shalit (still held hostage – Ed.)?"

Hamas teacher: "Ahaaa!"

Student: "By Allah, it's good."

Hamas student: "Did Fatah ever capture a soldier?!"

Fatah student: "It was the (other) brigades who captured him (Shalit) and sold him to you (Hamas). It's a deal that you (Hamas) made for your own benefit, not for the (Palestinian) people's benefit. (Applause)

Fatah student: Remember, in Ramallah the (PA-Fatah) police arrested two soldiers – have you forgotten, teacher?!"
Palestinian Media Watch's video is embedded below.

The reference to Fatah's "arresting" two Israeli soldiers in Ramallah in 2002 left out the details that followed. The two Israeli reservists – Vadim Nurzhitz and Yossi Avrahami – had unintentionally entered Ramallah and were arrested by PA police. The police allowed a Palestinian mob to murder the pair and throw their lifeless bodies out a second floor police window. A crowd then tore apart the bodies and mutilated them beyond recognition. Some Palestinians were recorded dancing and singing in the streets, which were covered in the soldiers' blood.
The broadcast PA play was attended by top Fatah officials, including Fatah strongman Muhammad Dahlan, former head of PA security; Qadura Fares, head of the PA Prisoners' Association; Nasser Al-Qidwa, former PA minister of foreign affairs; and Samir Al-Mashharawi, a top Fatah official.
Dahlan, considered "moderate," routinely coordinates security affairs with the U.S., while Fares, also considered "moderate," has long been involved in negotiations with Israel. Fares also regularly speaks to Israeli and U.S. Jewish audiences about the so-called peace process.
The claim that Fatah is responsible for more terrorism than Hamas is accurate. The U.S.-backed group has committed more than double the number of violent attacks than Hamas from the West Bank.
U.S. and Israeli policy considers Fatah to be moderate, while its so-called military wing, the Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigades, is a declared terrorist organization, according to the State Department.
The Brigades is responsible for a large number of suicide bombings, deadly shootings and rocket attacks aimed at Jewish civilian population centers.
Many members of the Brigades serve openly in the PA's U.S.-funded militias. Nearly every senior Brigades member also doubles as a paid member of the PA's security forces, which are armed, trained and funded by American tax dollars.