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Fatah proud of rioters in Jerusalem, vows to continue “popular resistance”

Headline: “Fatah: Jerusalem is our capital, the Al-Aqsa Mosque is our direction of prayer, and the [Fatah] Movement is leading those defending them”

“[Fatah] Movement Spokesman Osama Al-Qawasmi said in a press statement that we in Fatah are proud of our residents and our people who are carrying out Ribat (i.e., religious conflict/war over land claimed to be Islamic) in Jerusalem in particular, and also of our mighty Palestinian people everywhere it is located, which in these moments is embodying the most spectacular definition of cohesion, unity, and mutual responsibility, and is defending the sites that are holy to Islam and Christianity and the entire holy city [of Jerusalem]. Fatah will continue to be on the ground and leading those defending our capital and our Al-Aqsa Mosque as part of the popular resistance (i.e., term used by Palestinians, which also refers to the use of violence and terror) that it has adopted and leads.”

The terms "peaceful uprising/resistance,” and “popular uprising/resistance" are used by PA leaders at times to refer to peaceful protest and at times to refer to deadly terror attacks and terror waves. For example, ‎Mahmoud Abbas defined as “peaceful popular” the murderous terror during the 2015-2016 ‎terror wave (“The Knife Intifada”), in which 40 people were killed (36 Israelis, 1 Palestinian, 2 Americans and 1 Eritrean) and hundreds wounded by stabbings, shootings and car ramming attacks: Abbas said: "we want peaceful popular uprising, and that’s what this is."

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