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PA TV: Jews came to Palestine to “build their alleged Temple.” Once built, “they expect the Messiah will come… the Jews will be redeemed and rule the world for a thousand years”

Official PA TV program Al-Aqsa Citadels, on the Temple.

Official PA TV narrator: "The Jews came to Palestine looking for a place to settle and a land to occupy. They came because of a Zionist belief and biblical prophecy that they strive to realize: To take over Jerusalem, which they call the Promised Land, and afterwards to destroy the Al-Aqsa Mosque and build their alleged Temple. They expect that after they build it, the Messiah they are expecting will come, and through him the Jews will be redeemed, and they will rule the world for a thousand years. The Messiah will fight the antisemites, and will rule them according to the Jewish law. All the Jews from the different groups hold this belief about the Temple. First Prime Minister of the [Israeli] occupation government [David] Ben Gurion said: 'Israel has no value without Jerusalem, and Jerusalem has no value without the Temple (sic., Ben Gurion spoke about the significance of Jerusalem, but did not make this statement).'""
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