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Official PA daily repeats lie that terrorist stabbers are innocent victims who Israel shoots and then “throw a knife” next to the body, fabricating a stabbing attack

Headline: “Another Martyr at the death junction, [Gush] Etzion [Junction]!”

“For the occupation soldiers deployed at what is known as ‘[Gush] Etzion Junction,’ the matter has become simple: They shoot at all the Palestinians they want, and after every murder they throw a knife next [to the dead Palestinian].
According to many citizens, this is what happened to Martyr Abdallah Ali Mahmoud Takatka (24) (i.e., terrorist, attempted to stab Israeli soldiers).”

Abdallah Ali Mahmoud Takatka – 24-year-old Palestinian terrorist who attempted to stab Israeli soldiers at Gush Etzion Junction on July 28, 2017. Takatka was killed by the soldiers.