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Fatah Facebook post denies Jewish ethnicity, Jewish connection to Jerusalem; “This city never belonged to anyone other than the Canaanite Arabs”

Image and text posted on the official Fatah Facebook page

Posted text: “In everything regarding the Jews, the sons of Israel, and Jerusalem, the Jews are the members of a religion who come from all of the nations in the world, and are under no circumstances an independent nation (sic., research has proven the unique ethnic identity shared by the various groups that make up the Jewish people). Most of them today are from Russia and Eastern Europe (see Arthur Koestler and Shlomo Sand) [parentheses in source] (i.e., Jewish authors who denied the ethnic identity of the Jewish people). Regarding the tribe of the Yemenite Arab sons of Israel that has passed from the world, it has no connection to those who currently call themselves by their name in our land (sic., Yemenite Jews still exist and have a proven connection to the other Jewish groups). Urshalim is the direction of prayer for members of the Jewish religion (sic., the Temple Mount in Jerusalem is the direction of prayer), and it is not the city of ‘Al-Quds’ (i.e., Jerusalem), as ‘Quds’ appears three times in the Bible (different villages) [parentheses in source] and the village of Urshalim [appears once], and the four of them are not in Palestine (see Ahmad Al-Badash, Farjallah Dib, Al-Rubeyi, Al-Salibi, Finkelstein, Herzog, etc.) [parentheses in source] (sic., there is no mention of the supposed villages in the Bible, whereas ‘Jerusalem’ appears over 600 times and has been proven by archaeological evidence to be the modern city of Jerusalem). Al-Quds in Palestine is our Al-Quds alone, and any other claim is nothing but a falsification of the truth. The Al-Aqsa Mosque sprawls over 144 dunams (i.e., 35.5 acres), and it belongs only to the Muslims, whether for the last 4,000 or 1,000 years (likely a typo of 10,000 –Ed.) or from the Umayyad period, and this city never belonged to anyone other than the Canaanite Arabs.
[Fatah Revolutionary Council member and regular columnist for the official PA daily] #Bakr_Abu_Bakr (apparently he wrote the text in this Facebook post–Ed.)”

The image shows a picture of the Temple Mount with labels of the various buildings and gates at the site.