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Kids enact stabbing attack in play at PA-funded summer camp

Images and text shared on the Facebook page of the National Committee for Summer Camps, which receives money from the PA General Budget

Posted text: “And so we reached the end and the [concluding] celebration, a most wonderful day, and thanks to everyone who was present – the Future Generations [Summer] Camp of the southern [West Bank] branch – Beit Al-Rush Al-Fauqa. We will miss you children, you honored us.”

The images show children from the summer camp performing a mock stabbing attack at the closing ceremony of the camp.

The first photo shows a girl wearing an Arab headdress and playing the part of a terrorist, as she faces off against a boy playing an Israeli. The second and third photos show the Palestinian girl "dead" on the ground with a knife in her hand after the "Israelis" who "shot" her standing next to her. The fourth photo shows a number of children standing behind the terrorist "Martyr" lying on the ground with a Palestinian flag draped over her, as is common practice at the funeral of "Martyrs."
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