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Palestinian news agency claims PMW bulletin on Palestinian presentation of terrorist who killed 3 as compassionate is “incitement”

Headline: “Israel launched an incitement offensive against the official Palestinian media”
     “Israeli governmental institutions launched a wide-scale incitement offensive against the official Palestinian media outlets, including [official] PA TV and the [official PA] daily Al-Hayat [Al-Jadida], and said that they are institutions that spread what they described as terror due to what the official Palestinian TV broadcast regarding the person who carried out the Halamish operation (i.e., terrorist Omar Al-Abd, murdered 3).
The Israeli institute for monitoring Palestinian media, which is known as [Palestinian] Media Watch (i.e., PMW), said that PA TV, its hosts, and its guests described the one who carried out the Halamish operation as merciful and humane due to the fact that he did not kill the children in the house he broke into two weeks ago, where he killed a soldier and his parents (sic., the terrorist murdered a grandfather and two of his adult children, not any soldiers) but did not kill the children.
Arutz Sheva on Israeli TV (sic ., Israeli news outlet Arutz Sheva does not have a TV channel) said that PA TV viewed the one who carried out the Halamish operation as merciful because he did not kill the children in the house, and ignored the fact that he killed 3 Israelis.
The institute [PMW] focused in its report on what PA TV commentator on Israeli affairs Fayez Abbas said, and said [that Fayez Abbas had stated] that there is another story behind the children not being killed, which is that the one who carried out [the operation] was merciful and did not kill them, in contrast to the occupation’s claim (i.e., the testimony of the survivors) that their mother is the one who saved their lives.
The Hebrew (i.e., Israeli) institute [PMW] documented what it calls incitement in the Palestinian media in the [official PA TV] program Panorama [of the Hour] as well, which hosted Palestinian Arab Liberation Front (sic., Palestinian Arab Front) leader [and Political Bureau member Salah Abu Rukba]. The leader described the one who carried out the Halamish operation as a hero, and said that his operation is a brave operation and that he showed the humanity of the Palestinians. This is because he could have killed the children in the home, but did not do so because he wanted to emphasize to the world that the Palestinians are an example of mercifulness and are defending their rights - even if these steps of mercy are not accepted or existent in several countries, including Israel.
The Israeli institute [PMW] also documented what it described as incitement and Antisemitism in an article of the Al-Hayat Al-Jadida daily that belongs to the PA, in which it was said that the one who carried out [the operation] was a moral man and did not kill the children even though he could have done so.
The Israeli institute [PMW] quoted the Al-Quds newspaper (sic., Al-Hayat Al-Jadida), which according to it [PMW] said: ‘ Omar Al-Abd succeeded in killing 3 settlers and wounding a fourth, and he could also have killed the wife of one of the 3 settlers. However, he chose not to do so, as the mother was holding two of her children in her arms, and thus he proved that 'morals have a place, even in war.’”

Omar Al-Abd – 19-year-old Palestinian terrorist who stabbed and murdered 3 Israelis - Yosef, Haya, and Elad Salomon - and severely injured 1 - Tova Salomon - as they sat at their Sabbath dinner table in Halamish, north of Ramallah, on July 21, 2017. Al-Abd was shot and wounded by a neighbor and taken into Israeli custody, receiving necessary medical treatment in an Israeli hospital.
Before committing the attack, Al-Abd wrote in his "will" on Facebook that he was taking his knife to respond to what was happening at the Al-Aqsa Mosque and did not expect to return. A week earlier, a terror attack was carried out at the Temple Mount in which 2 Israelis were murdered. Following the attack Israel closed the Temple Mount for two days and reopened it with metal detectors at the entrance to the holy site. Palestinians interpreted these measures as an “aggression” and “attack” against the Al-Aqsa Mosque.

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