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PA Minister of Religious Affairs encourages Palestinian students to join Islamic religious schools

Headline: "Ida'is calls on students to join the Shari’ah schools"
"[PA] Minister of Religious Affairs Yusuf Ida'is noted the great effort that the ministry has invested since the approval of the Shari'ah track as one of the high school tracks in the framework of Government Decision No. 21 of Oct. 19, 2009. He explained that the [PA] Ministry of Religious Affairs is advancing the Shari'ah high school track in measured steps, and that through joint efforts with the [PA] Ministry of Education, the Palestinian Shari'ah curricula for grades 11 and 12 in the Shari'ah track have been approved. [He said that] these curricula are excellent curricula that strengthen the Islamic morals, develop religious knowledge, strengthen the culture and affiliation with the homeland, and open the prospects to the world of creativity and thought, far from stagnation, petrification, factionalism, and partisanship. He explained that the ministry did not stop at just composing this curriculum, and after establishing the religious and national education and culture with Shari'ah curricula, the ministry has invested all of its efforts in opening university prospects that will allow the students a university education in different fields. The ministry turned to the universities, colleges, and institutes and organized meetings to establish the idea and draw conclusions. Ida'is called on the students to join the 11th grade Shari'ah track at the Shari’ah schools for the religious and national benefits and the university study prospects their students receive."

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