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PA Minister says Jewish artifacts found in Jerusalem actually Arab, and that Israel is exploiting these artifacts which “verify the Arabness of the land and its Palestinianess”

Headline: "The [PA] Jerusalem district governor: The Jewish Festival of Lights will not change the Arab and Islamic character of the city"
“Israel is holding what is called the Jewish Festival of Lights (sic., the title is the Festival of Lights) at the moment on the walls of [the old city of] Jerusalem, between the Al-Aqsa Mosque and the Umayyad palaces in the village of Silwan (i.e., a neighborhood in East Jerusalem)…
[PA] Minister of Jerusalem Affairs [and Jerusalem District Governor] Adnan Al-Husseini emphasized that the area of the Umayyad palaces includes antiquities, most of which are Umayyad Islamic. He said that Israel has made efforts to search for antiquities in the hope of finding some antiquities that might belong to the Jewish period, but it has become clear that they were Islamic Arab, and some of them Byzantine (sic., numerous Jewish artifacts have been found throughout Israel, and particularly in Jerusalem). Al-Husseini noted that these antiquities, which verify the Arabness of the land and its Palestinianess, are being exploited, and that the falsification activities are continuing throughout Palestine. However, Palestinian history is strong and its roots in this land are deep, and they want to find something specific of theirs that will stand against the Palestinian presence."