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PFLP calls Abbas “a dictator who rules by force over the members of his people”

Headline: “In response to [Abbas’] words, the Popular Front [for the Liberation of Palestine]: Abbas is a dictator lacking any legitimacy, and his steps of punishment are against the people in Gaza and not against Hamas”
“Popular Front [for the Liberation of Palestine] Central Committee member Abd Al-Alim Da’na emphasized that [PA] President Mahmoud Abbas’ steps of punishment are directed against the Palestinian people in general in the Gaza Strip, and not against the Hamas Movement as he claims, and described [Abbas] as ‘a dictator who rules by force over the members of his people.’
In a statement to the Al-Risalah Net website that is affiliated with the Hamas Movement, in response to Abbas’ words in which he recognized his [Palestinian] Authority’s responsibility for stopping the electricity and salaries to Gaza, Da’na said that Abbas must understand that he has no legitimacy, that his term has ended, and that he is holding onto the g overnment by force.”