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Terror organization PFLP condemns arrest of journalists by the PA

Headline: “The Popular Front condemned the arrest of five journalists by the PA and calls for their immediate release”
“The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) strongly condemned the fact that the [PA] Security Forces in the occupied West Bank arrested five journalists and summoned a sixth journalist for interrogation, and called to release them immediately without conditions or restrictions.
The PFLP said that this arrest is a serious and intentional escalation against the journalists and freedom of opinion and speech that reflects the PA and its forces’ forced takeover of journalism and the freedom of activity of the journalists, who constitute the fourth estate and carry out their obligation in the best way in exposing the occupation’s actions and conveying the struggle and suffering of our people to the entire world… The PFLP said that the warnings of the PA and its security forces and their accusing the journalists ‘of leaking sensitive information to hostile elements’ are illogical, and their goal is to mislead the public opinion and international community regarding the true reasons for their arrest.”