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Fatah official on Fatah-Hamas reconciliation: “We respect the weapons of resistance and revere the resistance,” but Hamas must put away its weapons

Official PA TV program Topic of the Day, on the topics discussed at the latest Fatah meeting, hosting Fatah Central Committee Secretary Jibril Rajoub

Fatah Central Committee Secretary Jibril Rajoub:
“As I have said, [Hamas’] manifestations of control need to end. Tthere is no executive committee (i.e., the Hamas government in Gaza) and no shadow government. This also means that the phenomena of weapons, armed people, and militias need to end.”
Official PA TV Host: “But there are weapons of resistance in Gaza.”
Jibril Rajoub: “… We respect the weapons of resistance and revere the resistance and the weapons of resistance, but that doesn’t justify there being [Hamas] militias that behave like a governmental authority. Sir, let them hide the weapons of resistance, we do not want to collect their weapons; and by the way, we told them that [at the Fatah-Hamas reconciliation talks] in Cairo. Sir, we also don’t want to force sponsorship on the weapons of the resistance. Put them in storage rooms, and afterwards, sir, if there is a call for help at a time of war – or if Heaven forbid [there is a war in Gaza], I say that Gaza will not withstand this, it has been enough for Gaza, my brother. [Gaza] has sacrificed, done, and gone through enough. Dear sir, [the weapons of the resistance] will not be a problem unless [Hamas] actively behaves like an illegal militia.”

Jibril Rajoub also holds the following positions: Head of the PLO Supreme Council for Sport and Youth Affairs, Chairman of the Palestinian Football Association, Chairman of the Palestine Olympic Committee, and Chairman of the Palestinian Scout Association (PSA).