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Head of Muslim Council in Jerusalem falsely claims that “before 1948 the Jews had no lands in Palestine”

“Dozens of residents of the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood and Jerusalem held the Friday prayer yesterday [Aug. 11, 2017] in front of the house of Ayoub Shamasneh’s family, which is being threatened with expulsion and having its home taken over by the settler associations in the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood in the center of occupied Jerusalem (i.e., the house was bought by Jews).
Head of the Supreme Muslim Council in Jerusalem Sheikh Ikrima Sabri, who gave the Friday sermon, …explained that before 1948 the Jews had no lands in Palestine. During the period of the British Mandate’s rule, Britain ruled over only 6% [of the lands], and it gave them to the Jews after the 1948 war. Today, the Israeli government rules over 80% of the lands of Palestine, and it is still investing efforts to take control of them in a number of ways.”