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Palestinian sports expert: A "Jewish Palestinian team" represented Mandatory Palestine in 1930s

Sports expert Saba Jarrar: "It is impossible to claim that the [Palestine football] team that played [in the 1930s] was an Israeli team. Israel did not exist. The team that played was Palestinian, whether most of it was Jewish, Muslim, or Christian. This doesn’t invalidate that Palestine played in Australia, and in Alexandria, and so on... We cannot allow them to rewrite history and claim that this was an Israeli team. It wasn’t an Israeli team, it was a Jewish Palestinian team that played under the name ‘Palestine.’"
[Official PA TV, Under the Mandate, Aug. 14, 2017]

The composition of the Palestine-Eretz Yisrael team that played against Egypt in 1934 in Cairo, was completely Jewish: players were Berger, Resnick, Fiedler, Friedman, Fuchs, Sukenik, Harlap, Kraus, Kestenbaum, Reich, Nudelman. At that game what would eventually become Israel’s ‘Hatikva’ was played and what would eventually become the Israeli flag was hoisted. At the rematch, which was held in Tel Aviv, the composition of the team was once again completely Jewish. It is possible that a couple of Arab players were on the team, but they did not participate in either game.

In 1938, the Palestine team played two World Cup qualification matches against Greece.

In 1939, the Maccabi Tel Aviv team was on a tour in Australia, playing several matches against local teams. In five friendly matches, the team appeared as “Palestine” against Australia.