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PA Presidential Office Sec-Gen wars of potential “religious conflict,” claims terrorists in the region use “the occupation” as justification for their crimes

Headline: “Abd Al-Rahim: China is capable of being an impartial mediator in the peace process”
“Secretary-General of the [PA] Presidential Office Tayeb Abd Al-Rahim emphasized… in an interview with the [Chinese state-owned] news agency Xinhua… that there are forces of peace in Israel who need encouragement and motivation in light of the attack of the Israeli right-wing and its policy, ‘which will only lead to an explosion in the region, the elimination of the hope for peace, and turning the conflict into a religious conflict, which is something that we oppose.’ He emphasized that all of us ‘currently have an interest in establishing a just peace in the region, in light of the strengthening of terror and increase of [terror] organizations in the region – especially because terror and terrorists exploit the topic of the occupation as publicity material to justify their crimes.’”

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