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Fatah: ISIS is an Israeli plot to cause division among the Arab states and to “turn Israel into an ally under false pretexts”

Headline: "Al-Qawasmi: The discovery of Israeli Abu Hafs in Libya confirms the intensification of the plots against the Arabs"
"The Fatah Movement said that the fact that the Libyan intelligence service discovered that a top leader of ISIS and the Imam of a mosque in Libya, called Abu Hafs, is an Israeli who works in the Mossad (i.e., Israeli Secret Intelligence Service) and that his real name is Benjamin Ephraim (PMW could find no reliable sources confirming these claims –Ed.) confirms that we have been right from the beginning, and everything that is taking place in the Arab homeland is a plot for the division and crushing of the Arab peoples and their homelands.
Fatah Spokesman [and Fatah Revolutionary Council member] Osama Al-Qawasmi said: 'There are more people like Abu Hafs in Syria, Iraq, and Lebanon.' He noted that the bloodshed that we saw in Syria, Iraq, Libya, Sinai, and Gaza confirms that what is happening is the product of intelligence services that are hostile to the Arab nation [and] has the goal of weakening, crushing, dividing, and denigrating its resources, changing the priorities, and turning Israel into an ally under false pretexts."