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Abbas’ advisor: Palestinians demand from the US delegation that the refugees be returned

Headline: “Shaath: The American delegation has requested an extension of three to four months to consolidate a peace plan”
“[PA] President Mahmoud Abbas’ advisor on Foreign Affairs [and International Relations] Nabil Shaath said that the American delegation has requested that the [PA] leadership give them an extension of three to four months for the American government to present a peace plan. In statements he made yesterday [Aug. 28, 2017] to [the official PA] radio [station] The Voice of Palestine, Shaath added that the American delegation did not present any position that opposes the Palestinian positions or supports them…
Shaath explained that the [PA] leadership briefed the American delegation on the Palestinian demands: ending the occupation, establishing an independent Palestinian state on the 1967 borders whose capital is Jerusalem, and resolving all of the core problems, prime among them the return of the refugees.”

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