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Hamas police official: Israel smuggles "sexual stimulants" to destroy Palestinian youth

Itamar Marcus and Barbara Crook  |

Hamas has accused Israel of supplying "sexual stimulants" and other drugs to destroy Palestinian youth.

Hamas police spokesman Islam Shahwan said recently that Israeli intelligence officers are behind the smuggling of sexually stimulating drops and chewing gum into Gaza to "weaken and destroy" Palestinian youth and the social structure, according to Palestinian news agency FPNP (Firas- Palestine News Press).

Shahwan claimed that a parent had complained to police that his daughter had chewed the Israeli gum and suffered "side effects." He said that Hamas police had subsequently arrested the distributors, confiscated the aphrodisiacs and confirmed that the drugs had been supplied by Israeli intelligence.

This accusation is one more example of the continuing PA campaign by both Fatah and Hamas to demonize Israel based on libels by officials, who accuse Israel of trying to poison or corrupt Palestinian youth. For the last 10 years, the Palestinian Authority Fatah leaders have been disseminating the libel that Israel spreads AIDS and sexually-transmitted diseases among Palestinian youth, turns them into drug addicts and has a special intelligence unit devoted to distributing drugs to Palestinian teenagers.

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One PA official even accused Israel of distributing sports shoes that cause the wearer to become paralyzed, and perfumes that cause drug addiction.

This multi-faceted campaign presents Israel as a serious threat to the health and lives of Palestinians, thereby generating hatred and encouraging Palestinian terror.

Following is the transcript of the aphrodisiac libel:

"Police Spokesman of the Hamas government, Islam Shahwan, said that the commercial crossings with Israel are the primary source for smuggling drugs and sexual stimulants which were recently seized in the Gaza Strip... Shahwan said that these stimulants are [produced] in the form of chewing gum or as a liquid that is taken in the form of drops. One parent complained to the police that his daughter had taken one of these stimulants and told her father about it after suffering side-effects. Shahwan added that the police had traced the source of the 'chewing gum' and arrested its distributors, and had confiscated all the substances serving as sexual stimulants. Following investigation it became apparent that these enhancers had come from the border crossings with Israel.

Concerning the major source of these stimulants, Shahwan said that following the admission by the detainees, it turned out that the Israeli Intelligence was supplying psychologically weak [Palestinians] with drugs and with enhancers of this type, in order to distribute them amongst the greatest possible number of inhabitants, and to sell them for free (sic).

Shahwan emphasized that Israel's goal in distributing these drugs is to destroy our people's social structure, and to destroy the youth by distributing drugs and sexual stimulants that will weaken and destroy them...

Shahwan said that large quantities of drugs and sexual stimulants smuggled via the Zionist border crossings with the Gaza Strip had been seized in the past... It turned out from the investigation of the last group that had been caught... that it had a direct connection with Zionist Intelligence officers."
Firas- Palestine News Press