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Australian MP: PMW presentation exposes PA’s deceit

Australian MP: PMW presentation exposes PA’s deceit
Tim Wilson, the Federal Liberal MP for Goldstein, spoke about PA incitement as presented to him by PMW, in a speech he gave to the Australian Parliament: 

Tim Wilson, Federal Liberal Member for Goldstein: "Having visited Jerusalem myself, I have seen... some of the efforts of the Palestinian Authority and those who support them to deceive the public into getting misrepresentations or misunderstandings about what actually occurs particularly under the State of Israel. In fact, one of my visits to Israel many years ago, we were given a briefing about the activities of Palestinian [Media] Watch, which was particularly scrutinizing Palestinian media, and how they sought to misrepresent information to build a perception of victimhood that was not always in accordance with reality."
[TimWilsonForGoldstein Facebook page, Sept. 11, 2017]