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Fatah official: The PA government is trying to take over the PA parliament

Headline: "Al-Ahmad: We are an authority lacking sovereignty, and the [PA] government is striving to be an alternative to the PA Parliament"
        "Head of the Fatah parliamentary faction, [Fatah Central Committee member, and Fatah Commissioner of National Relations (i.e., between Hamas and Fatah)] Azzam Al-Ahmad said that the [PA] government is striving to be an alternative to the PA Parliament (Legislative Council) by ratifying decisions with the status of law that are not urgent at all, and despite the opposition of the parliamentary faction members to these steps, the government is continuing to issue decisions with the status of law.During a meeting of the parliamentary factions - with the participation of representatives from the High Judicial Council, The Palestinian Judges Society, the General Attorney, and the Bar Association - at the PA Parliament headquarters in Ramallah to discuss a bill to amend the Judiciary Law, Al-Hamad emphasized that there is no need and urgency to pass the amendment to the Judiciary Law that the government isinsisting on changing.He said: 'We are an authority without sovereignty, and I do not understand the urgency in issuing the laws. During the first PA Parliament we ratified 101 laws, but during the first year of the second parliament, we did not ratify a single law.' Al-Hamad added: 'In the shadow of the [Hamas-Fatah] rift, there is no urgent need to make amendments, and the amendments being implemented are being made without discussion with the PA Parliament, even though we agreed with [PA] President [Mahmoud Abbas] on a way to work that the presidency is not adhering to, even though our work was a model to be emulated.'"