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PA Security Forces arrest students of Hamas-affiliated student bloc

Headline: "The [PA] Security Forces arrested the Islamic Bloc coordinator at Birzeit University and confiscated the students’ documents"
"The [PA] Security Forces arrested Islamic Faction Coordinator at Birzeit University Osama Mafarjeh after it stopped the car of Student Council Head Omar Kiswani and confiscated his personal computer, which includes the students' documents, and also his car.
Osama Mafarjeh declared a hunger strike from the moment of his arrest, which was a result of his union activity in the service of the Birzeit University students. In the same context, the Palestinian [PA] Security Forces continue to hold Student Council Secretary of the Faculties Committee Yahya Alawi in detention for the third day without any charge, and also continue to hold students Asid Al-Bana and Asid Abu Adi in detention for the second day. Birzeit [University] Student Council Head Omar Kiswani emphasized on behalf of the council that the campaign [of arrests] against the students of Birzeit and the representatives of the Islamic Bloc in the student council will not lessen their determination to continue to serve the students."

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