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A propaganda turns sickeningly sweet

JERUSALEM - IAF planes dropping poison chocolates on Palestinian children? Lethal coconut candies falling out of the sky? They’re only the latest bid in a systematic and clearly organized attempt by the Palestinian media to maintain a level of hatred against the Jewish people by publishing articles against Israel, Palestinian Media Watch director Itamar Marcus said yesterday.
The Palestinians’ latest attempt to score sweet propaganda points appears in the Palestinian daily Al Hayat Jadida, accusing Israel of launching a new plot to kill Palestinian children in the Gaza Strip by having aircraft drop poisonous sweets over elementary and junior high schools in the area.
It claims a large quantity of the multi-colored sweets, some coconut-flavored, were scattered in schoolyards. Quoting a Palestinian hospital official, the report says eight children were hospitalized with stomach cramps, nausea, and signs of high fever, and the head of internal medicine at the hospital says only Allah’s intervention saved them.
The Hamas Web site adds a little more flavor to the candy story, claiming the sweets were also dropped by Israeli planes and helicopters in the West Bank, and were discovered by villagers in Nablus, Ramallah, and Hebron and found to be poisonous. It claimed that the sweets were packaged to appeal to children, prompting the Palestinian radio and television stations to warn children and parents not to touch the “deadly” sweets.
Even PA Secretary Tayeb Abdel Rahim chimed in, declaring yesterday that Israel was not only bombing the Palestinian people, but planes dropped poisoned chocolates. He claimed the police collected all the candies.
The IDF Spokesman strongly condemned what it described as “the ridiculous Palestinian claim,” calling it a further level in the ongoing Palestinian incitement against Israel.
“Whenever there is no news to report, they fabricate these fantastic, libelous accusations, and lately we have noticed an increase in the frequency with which this kind of article appears,” said Marcus.
Other Palestinian claims are sinking to belt level. Al Hayat Jadida carried a warning four days ago from Palestinian head of general investigations Abdel Rahman Barkat against buying Israeli-made leather belts, claiming they have magnetic attachments which cause many diseases and can cause terrible pains. The article warns the Palestinians against buying the cheap belts, claiming that the low price is because Israel provided $10 million in subsidies to ensure wide distribution not only to Palestinian markets, but the entire Arab world.
However, Marcus noted that on Monday, three days after the original belt story, officials claimed that the belts were tested and it was found that none of the “metal attachments” gave off radiation.

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