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PA Police official: Israel and the PA cooperate in enforcing laws against drugs

Official PA TV program As It Is, on drugs, with PA Police War on Drugs Unit Deputy Commander Abd Allah Aliwi

PA Police War on Drugs Unit Deputy Commander Abd Allah Aliwi: “Regarding people [ drug dealers] who hold Jerusalem identity cards (i.e., permanent residency) and Israeli identity cards, yes, it is necessary to transfer [these cases] to the [Israeli D istrict] Coordination [and Liaison] so that they will take steps against them…
Regarding the Israeli side in particular, at this point we transfer these people to them. But they have no law that criminalizes hydrogen (A street name for a synthetic cannabis substitute –Ed.), or as it is known in the world, spice. I am not coming to Israel's defense, but regarding cannabis, heroin, ecstasy, captagon pills, and cocaine, they view them as very dangerous substances. Therefore, if they are transferred together with a Palestinian investigation file in which the procedures were completed by the Palestinian side, yes, there are several people that they are taking actions against in this matter.”

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