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Jews are “wicked,” “oppressors,” and “evil” in rebroadcast of 1996 PA TV show

Official PA TV program "Culture Talks", hosting actor Sami Sattoum, rebroadcast of a scene from the TV series "And You, Jerusalem" from 1996, in which Sami Sattoum plays a Jew. Tis program was broadcast on Sept. 28, 2017 and rebroadcast on Sept. 30, 2017.

Jew: "They say the Arabs are generous. Maybe you would invite us in for a cup of coffee in your house?"
Arab: "What? Please."
Jew, played by actor Sami Sattoum: "You have a nice house, Abu Awni, It’s built in an old style."
Arab: "This house was built by my grandfather’s grandfather more than 200 years ago."
Jew: "Does that make sense, Abu Awni? Your grandfather’s grandfather built it over 200 years ago and it is still standing firm?"
Arab: "Why doesn’t that make sense? Even my grandfather’s grandfather inherited the land from his fathers. I mean the land of the house."
Jew: "Okay, can we look at the house, Abu Awni?"
Arab: "Look?"
Jew: "We’ll just look Abu Awni, we’ll look at the house..."

Song lyrics:
"Here is the oppressor, here they went and returned, here they walked around;
Here he walks around, he walked around the whole world,
and his eye is still on you, O house.
Come on [Palestinians], be strong! Protest! Let the land burn;
The fire will ignite and the wind will strengthen and burn the wicked.
Here is the oppressor. Here is the oppressor..."

Jew: "It is truly a beautiful house, Abu Awni!"

2017 Interview with actor who played "a Jew" in the previous scene, Sami Sattoum

TV host: "Psychologically, why are you usually chosen to play evil roles?" [...]
Actor Sami Sattoum: “Evil roles are always more difficult than the roles of good characters... The directors say about my eyes, that I act well with them, and that 'evil comes out of them,' as they say."
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