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PA TV honors 3 Israeli Arab murderers; Murderers’ nephew: “Everyone knows my uncles, and everyone loves and respects them”

Text below photos of murderers: "The Gilad army camp operation" (i.e., terror attack, 3 murdered) Murderers’ nephew Muhammad Abu Al-Sheikh: "My uncles and two others… entered the Gilad army camp in Ein Hashofet and killed 4 soldiers (sic., 3), and they were imprisoned. It was called 'the night of the pitchforks' and 'the black night'... Everyone knows my uncles. Everyone loves and respects them, praise to Allah. Everyone knows that they are heroes and fighters and came from a good family." [Official PA TV, Beacons From the Interior, Oct. 3, 2017] Note: Four Islamic Jihad terrorists entered an army training camp and used knives, axes, and a pitchfork to murder three sleeping soldiers Guy Friedman, Yaakov Dubinsky, and Yuri Ferda. The Israeli Arab terrorists Ibrahim Agbaria, Yahia Agbaria, Muhammad Agbaria, and Muhammad Jabarin are each serving 3 life sentences in Israel. The attack near Kibbutz Gilad in northern Israel on Feb. 14, 1992 is known as “the night of the pitchforks.”