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PA daily commemorates anniversary of Egypt’s “magnificent” victory against Israel in 1973 war, in which Israel was victorious

Headline: “Forty-four years since Egypt’s victory in the magnificent October War”
“Yesterday, Friday [Oct. 6, 2017], was the 44th anniversary of Egypt’s victory against Israel in the magnificent October War (i.e., 1973 Yom Kippur War; while Egypt caught Israel by surprise and made initial gains, the tide quickly turned and by the end of the w ar it only held two small areas in Sinai on the border, and had lost even more territory to Israel).
In this war [which began] on Oct. 5, 1973, the Egyptian air force restored all of the capabilities and respect that it had lost in the 1956 and 1967 wars, and paved the way for the armed forces (the army) [parentheses in source] and the supporting forces that arrived from the Palestinian revolution and several of the sister states to achieve victory.
This war, the Oct. 6 victory, had great strategic and morale consequences for Egypt in particular, and for the Arab nation in general, as Egypt’s victory reduced the effects of the heavy defeat on June 1967 (i.e., the Six Day War), and led to the end of the myth of ‘undefeatable Israel.’”