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Op-ed in PA daily: Fatah has not recognized Israel

Excerpt of an op-ed by Omar Hilmi Al-Ghoul, a regular columnist for the official PA daily

“Dr. Muhsin Saleh, director of the Al-Zeitouna Center in Beirut that is affiliated with the Muslim Brotherhood, published an article titled The Palestinian Reconciliation Game, which was published on the website on Oct. 2, 2017…
As he continued to drown in the bog of incitement against the bearer of the national project’s flag, he accused the Fatah Movement in particular of conceding 80% of historical Palestine, recognizing Israel and its legality, and basing its platform on the two-state solution. This was while the Hamas and Islamic Jihad leaderships were refusing to concede any part of Palestine or recognize Israel. This is not at all correct, as Fatah - even though I am not a Fatah member - has not recognized Israel and its platform is clear and open, and you can even go and check it. The one that recognized [Israel] is the PLO, the legal and sole representative of the Palestinian people.”

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