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PLO official: Israel carries out “forceful transfer” and “ethnic cleansing” of Palestinians

Headline: “Ashrawi: The continuation of Israel’s settlement crimes – destruction of the two-state solution”
“PLO Executive Committee member Hanan Ashrawi said: ‘The continuation of the crimes of expanding the settlements, Israel’s systematic policy of forcefully transferring [Palestinian populations], and the ethnic cleansing [being implemented] against the Palestinian people, come as part of [Israel’s] plans to put an end to the State of Palestine, cut its geographic unity, and implement the greater Israel initiative on the historical land of Palestine. This obligates the American administration to play a constructive and neutral role in the political process, rather than assisting the occupation, and to investigate and take Israel to account over the intentional violations of international law and its efforts to destroy the possibilities of achieving peace.’ Yesterday [Oct. 10, 2017] Ashrawi condemned… Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s decision to allow the Civil Administration to authorize the building of 3,829 new housing units in the settlements.”