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Op-ed by PLO Prisoners' official: Israel keeps Palestinian “Martyrs” (i.e., killed terrorists) in freezers in fear of a “Talmudic (i.e., Jewish) legend” about their souls remaining alive

Excerpt of an op-ed by Director of PLO Commission of Prisoners’ Affairs Issa Karake

Headline: “The morgue refrigerators”
      “Six Palestinian Martyrs (Shahids) are still being held in the State of Israel’s morgue refrigerators, and the number was higher than this, but several of them were buried in what is called the military numbered cemeteries (i.e., Israeli cemeteries for terrorists and enemy soldiers). According to the Talmudic (i.e., Jewish) legend, the souls of the Palestinians remain alive, and the Israelis are concerned about their existence and return, and that is what causes them to freeze their bodies or leave them at the mercies of predatory animals in the numbered cemeteries…
The Israeli Supreme Court and prosecution are still delaying in releasing the six Martyrs who are in the Israeli [morgue] refrigerators due to the concern over the Martyrs’ awakening from their popular funerals, and over the intifada of the freely spilled blood, and also due to the fear of the symbolism and great esteem for the Palestinian Martyr who resisted the occupation, and also [fear] of the legitimacy of this resistance in response to Israel’s attempts to turn everyone who resisted the occupation into a criminal, whether he is a Martyr or a prisoner.”

The Cemeteries for Enemy Casualties are two burial sites maintained by the Israeli army for burying the bodies of enemy soldiers as well as terrorists. They are fenced and well-marked. Graves have markers instead of gravestones. Burial is temporary, on the assumption that the bodies will eventually be returned to their countries of origin. No ceremony is held. The bodies are buried in numbered caskets after their identities are documented.