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PMW Director in Arutz Sheva interview: "A Palestinian child has no free choice"

Yoni Kempinski  |
'A Palestinian child has no free choice'

Palestinian Media Watch founder explains how Palestinian Arab children are educated to hate Israelis, harming chances for peace.

Yoni Kempinski, Oct. 16, 2017

Itamar Marcus, the founder of Palestinian Media Watch, attended the Christian Media Summit in Jerusalem Monday.

Marcus spoke to Arutz Sheva about how the Palestinian Authority's incitement harms chances for peace and its effect on the next generation.

"The Palestinian children are the key to peace, and the messages to the Palestinian children by their leadership will determine if we're going to have peace in the next generation," Marcus said.

"Israel is educating for peace," he said, but the PA is not. "We have researched the Palestinian schoolbooks, we have researched the Palestinian educational media, and we find that the media are filled with lies, filled with demonization. They don't give a Palestinian child free choice."

"Any normal Palestinian child, based on the hatred that he receives from his leadership, through his education, will instinctively hate Israelis, even if he's not a bad person. Just the opposite, good Palestinian children are going to end up hating Israelis because of all the lies and demonization they've received from their leaders.

"The messages are definitely from the Palestinian Authority leadership. We hear the same messages from Abbas to his people. We see all the people around Abbas. And then we hear the same messages to the children. The children's world reflects the hate world that the leadership has determined that they want to present."

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