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Jenin district signs sister city agreement with French district

Headline: “The Jenin district signed a sister city agreement with the French Loire-Atlantique district”
“The Jenin district signed a cooperation and sister city agreement with the French Loire-Atlantique district during a visit made by Jenin [District] Governor Ibrahim Ramadan, who was accompanied by [PA] Civil Defense Director Abd Al-Latif Abu Amsheh, and Marj Ibn Amer (i.e., Jezreel Valley) [Regional] Council Head Ahmed Zakarneh (the Marj Ibn Amer Regional Council is named after the Jezreel Valley because it is located near it in the Jenin district –Ed.). The agreement includes cooperation in the fields of education, health, tourism, heritage, civil defense, and advancing the youth, in addition to providing aid to the Marj Ibn Amer [Regional] Council. Governor Ramadan expressed appreciation for the French aid [given] to the Palestinian people in order to achieve its rights and build the state institutions.”