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PA TV claims Hebron’s “original identity” is Palestinian, despite attempts to give “Hebrew characteristics” and an “artificial history” to the city

Official PA TV, broadcast of the film Kiryat Arba with guests and explanations interspersed with the film

Official PA TV narrator: “You are in the first place where humans settled, the ancient Palestinians. They began history here, and built a city where they continue to develop their identity and put down roots, and it continues to oppose forgery. This is Hebron. Six thousand years ago the first brick was laid here, and a city that has had different names throughout the years was established. These are names that, if we check their true essence and history, the original identity of the city will appear before us, despite the attempt to give a Hebrew characteristic to some of its names in order to impose an artificial history on the city of Allah’s prophet Abraham…
Scientifically proven history undermines all of the legends that were created in the minds of the invaders. H istory decisively says that this is a city that preceded the religions, and testifies that the first Palestinian built a city here and dwelled in it 6,000 years ago (sic., there is no historical evidence for these claims)…
The revolution of the sons of Hebron (i.e., 1929 Hebron massacre) – which harmed 60 Jewish settlers (sic., 67 Jewish residents) from among those whom the Zionist movement brought to Palestine – defended the Palestinian Jewish residents and refused to answer to the British incitement against all of the Jews (sic., the victims included members of the Sephardi community that had lived in Hebron for centuries and members of a religious Ashkenazi community that was established in the mid-1800s)…
Hebron displayed wonders in the battles of the rebels, the stories of which are still told today, and particularly in [the battles of] Jurat Buhlus (i.e., against the British in 1936) and Etzion (i.e., against Israel in the 1948 War of Independence) – Etzion is a Palestinian Arab name that was Hebraized (sic., see note below).”

The town of Kfar Etzion, which is located southwest of Bethlehem and was destroyed in the 1936 Arab riots and again in the 1948 War of Independence, was named by businessman Shmuel Holtzman who purchased the land for the village. The name, which literally means “tree of Zion,” is a play on Holtzman’s own name – “holtz” means tree in Yiddish, or “etz” in Hebrew.