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Jerusalem needs 1000 Shahids (Martyrs)

Al-Falastinia TV (PA)  |
Tawfiq Tirawi, Chairman of the Advisory Council of the Academy and former Head of the General Intelligence in the West Bank, addressing students at graduation ceremony, Palestinian Academy for Security Sciences in Jericho:
"Jerusalem needs thousands of Shahids (Martyrs), and so long as we are alive and you [addressing students] are among the commanders of the future, remember this: It is impossible for Jerusalem to return [to us] without thousands of Shahids. And if there is someone who thinks that America will restore Jerusalem to us, he is mistaken. [America] will not give us Jerusalem. If it won't give us Jerusalem, then how is it possible that it will give us the right of return? You have chosen these two symbols [Jerusalem and the right of return] as the name of your course [of study]. These two symbols need blood, action, effort, resistance, and Palestinian unity."

Note: 2 weeks later at the General Fatah Conference Aug. 4-6, 2009, Tirawi was elected to the Fatah Central Committee.

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