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High school graduates: Haifa and Jaffa are "Palestine" and "our rifles are not rusty"

Al-Falastinia TV (PA)  |

Palestinian school books and educational television routinely teach children to envision a world without Israel. One of the results can be seen in this graduation ceremony sponsored by Fatah under the auspices of PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas, in which high school graduates in a speech identify the Israeli cities Haifa, Acre, Jaffa and Jerusalem as part of "Palestine." Sign on stage: "Tribute to high school graduates under the auspices of Mahmoud Abbas, Fatah." Male graduate: "In the name of the Shahids (Martyrs), in the name of the prisoners, in the name of the stone and the rifle." Female graduate: "In the name of Fatah, the school that taught us the meaning of nationalism." Male graduate: "In the name of Palestine: Haifa, Acre, Jaffa, and our Arab Jerusalem." Female graduate: "In the name of Palestine: Gaza, the West Bank and the flag of national unity." ... Male graduate: "Fatah is [still] with the rifle. And our rifles are not rusty even if they have fired thousands of bullets."

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