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PA TV guest: Israel education system is “teaching a whole generation hate, fascism, and even a bit more than fascism, which approaches Nazism”

Official PA TV program Palestine This Morning, in which it is claimed that Israel is raising a generation of inciters and racists, hosting PA TV “Israeli Affairs Expert” Fayez Abbas

PA TV “Israeli Affairs Expert” Fayez Abbas: (After reading an article from the Israeli newspaper Haaretz –Ed.) “There is an Israeli minister named Naftali Bennett, the minister of education, who provides an education to children. He always claims that the Palestinians are the people who incite the most, greatly inciting, etc. What did the clerks that he appointed to the Ministry of Education decide? They decided to revoke the ban on writing racist and inciting answers in the [civics] matriculation exams (See note below –Ed.)…
At the moment they allow writing racist and inciting answers freely, and I think that whoever is more extremist in [their answer] will receive a better grade. This is how it is in Israel. The Minister of Education incites and teaches, in other words he gives them the high grades. See how far they have gone.”
Official PA TV host: “The racism, the extremism, [the call] to extremism.”
Fayez Abbas: “Not racism, it is much more than racism. It is not just racism. Here they are teaching a whole generation hate, fascism, and even a bit more than fascism, which approaches Nazism. Since he is a Jew [and influenced by] incitement, [he thinks] that those who are not Jews are slaves. I think that today it is necessary for the officials in the Palestinian National Authority (PA) in Palestine to take this matter and use it in the international arena. Who is it that incites? [It is] Israel, which around the clock accuses the PA of inciting. It incites on everything. But incitement [and] the teaching of incitement, racism, and fascism in Israel have been revealed.”
Host: “Teaching.”
Fayez Abbas: “Education, they put it into the heads of the children and students. That is Israel, which is called what?”
Host: “Democratic.”
Fayez Abbas: “Democratic.”

An Israeli decision that “expressions of racism or incitement” would invalidate answers to a question in which students are asked to state their opinion on a controversial topic was overturned, and the nature of the question was changed.

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