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Abbas advisor: “One hundred years since the sin of Balfour… the only way to freedom and liberation is resistance”

Image and text posted on the Facebook page of Advisor to PA Chairman Abbas on NGOs Sultan Abu Al-Einein
Posted text:
“#Dignity #Palestine #Balfour_Promise(i.e., Declaration)”

The image shows red text on a black background.
Text on image:
“One hundred years since the sin of [British Foreign Secretary Arthur] Balfour, 100 years and our people is renewing its insistence that the only way to freedom and liberation is resistance to the occupier… No correction, apology, or compensation will compensate us for the 100 years of suffering of millions of refugees from among our people as a result of this ominous promise. There is no honor for the weak.”

The Balfour Declaration of Nov. 2, 1917 was a letter from British Foreign Secretary Arthur Balfour to Baron Rothschild stating that “His Majesty's government views with favour the establishment in Palestine of a national home for the Jewish people.” In 1922, the League of Nations adopted this and made the British Mandate “responsible for putting into effect the declaration,” which led to the UN vote in 1947 and the establishment of the State of Israel.